Genocidal hate speech by Lib Dems at the National Union of Students Women’s conference?

The 2015 NUSWomen conference has been subject to a great deal of ridicule of late, with hashtags relating to the event trending on twitter. However, there is serious issues here and the fact is that these crazy ideas such as the concept of “manspreading”do get picked up by equally crazy politicians and government officials (who were often heavily involved in NUS stupidity themselves). Therefore don’t be surprised if you see idiots trying to ban you from clapping in the future or pushing other feminist ideas such as forcing you to sit down to urinate.

It’s also important to emphasise there’s there’s a genuinely disturbing and hateful type of person who tend to get into position of power at the NUS and political parties, a case in point being Liberal Democrat “Sarah Licity” (update – according to the official Lib Dem LGBT website her real name is Sarah Noble). Just yesterday we highlighted the problem of sexist women MPs in the Lib Dems and it seems that this pattern continues down their ranks. Sarah describes herself as a “Trans dyke, feminist, LGBTLD executive member, NUS LGBT committee member-elect, sex work and equality campaigner” In amongst Sarah’s tweets about the 2015 conference was the following:

Lib Dem NUS hate speech

In case people think this is a photoshop fake here’s the link to the tweet in question and an archived version too. About the only ways to interpret this tweet is that Sarah is advocating deporting all men to some far flung country or planet, or she’s proposing genocide on a mass scale. Genocide of men is a popular proposal amongst some feminists what with the Killallmen hashtags on twitter, not to mention to works of Valerie Solanas, and Professors Mary Daley and Sally Miller Gearhart, so Sarah is far from alone in the feminist movement in her desire to be rid of men. Anyway, perhaps she’d like to clarify how this process of removing people such as myself from society is going to work.

Were a member of UKIP to have made such a comment about any groups, particularly a UKIP executive member, then the media would be all over this story. Similarly had NUS figures made such a hateful comment about any other group they’d also be huge attention on the story. Until this happens it’s up to the likes of HEqual to expose this kind of misandry. I suppose  Sarah is only really following the example of the most senior Lib Dems such as Lynne Featherstone, who openly believe that men are to blame for the world’s problems. In all fairness Lynne didn’t actually advocate removing men from society, though there’s clearly a link in the hateful attitudes of the two and a clear problem with sexism against men in the Lib Dems as a whole, with for example zero female MPs in the party supporting equality for fathers. Anyhow, we’ll be getting in touch with the Lib Dems to ask why they tolerate so much hatred towards men by heir committee members and whether the genocide of men is now official policy. Until a satisfactory response is given we’d urge readers to look elsewhere for a party to vote for in just over a month’s time in the General Election.

Note – I’m not sure if Sarah was successfully elected to NUS LGBT committee today or not, though given her obvious extreme hatred for men I’d suggest she’d be the prefect candidate for the position.

Update, it appears that her place on the LGBTLD executive committee isn’t Sarah’s only Lib Dem position. She’s also on the executive committee of the Humanist and Secularist Liberal Democrats, an executive committee member of the Yorkshire and Humber Lib Dems and a policy committee member for Liberal Youth too.

We’ve also been alerted to another interesting Tweet by Sarah which she also posted during NUS Women 2015:

Sarah's hate spech 2Second update. We have now published a further article on this subject which show just how extreme Sarah’s views really are.

15 thoughts on “Genocidal hate speech by Lib Dems at the National Union of Students Women’s conference?

  1. And yet if it was a man who made this comment feminists would be trying to tear him limb from limb. Feminists don’t want equality they want superiority.

  2. Imagine if/when mainstream media finally turns on feminism and reports on their rampant hatred and sexism. Even with the ridiculous coddling and double standards people are noticing what a hateful monster feminism has become.

    • So far MSM accepts the lie that these are the “minority fringe” of feminism, it will take a while before bashing feminism becomes profitable for MSM

  3. This is what “social justiice” ius really about:

    “Do not look in the file of incriminating evidence to see whether or not the accused rose up against the Soviets with arms or words. Ask him instead to which class he belongs, what is his background, his education, his profession. These are the questions that will determine the fate of the accused. That is the meaning and essence of the Red Terror.” — Martin Latsis, chief of the Ukrainian Cheka, organizer of the massacres that killed 50,000.

    You might find this of interest: my latest post in my ongoing “Women’s Studies” project —

    “Rosa of Kiev” – Bolshevik Terrorist Who Loved to Murder – 1919

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  5. The kindest conclusion you can come to regarding Sarah is that she considers her position in the NUS to have all the responsibility of a stand up comedian.

    • However with young men already a minority at Uni. Well done Hequal on calling out this misandry. Were one to reverse the sexes or replace “men” with a racial group this would occasion action.

  6. USA residents should continue to watch UK follies to see what will jump across the pond.

    There are destructive and nonsensical trends pursued vigorously throughout the UK by numerous bully-pulpit megaphone ranters, of which the NUS hate speech episodes are merely some of the most recent and laughable.

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  9. This is not a Feminist this is transwoman, someone that identified as a woman, not born a woman. She doesn’t represent feminists or women. She’s also hash tagged something along this lines of dieCisScum (cis is the word trans activists have chosen to label people born who live their lives as their biological sex)

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