“Kill all men” Lib Dem “proud” of hating men, abuses block-bot position to silence critics

By now I expect most readers have seen the superb Breitbart coverage of our investigation into sexist hate speech at the Liberal Democrats. The article has received a great deal of attention worldwide, with over 1,000 comments which were almost unanimous in their condemnation of the Liberal Democrat party’s gender hatred.

Following the publication of the article, Noble resigned her position on the executive committee of Secular and Humanist Lib Dems. AHowever, as far as we know, Noble remains on the executive Committee of the LGBT Lib Dems and on the Liberal Youth policy committee too. Furthermore, she has now tweeted a claim that her resignation from the Secular and Humanist Lib Dem Exec is “only temporary

Despite belated calls from Lib Dem Member of Parliament Jo Swinson for Noble to apologise for her behaviour and to deleted the tweets, no such action has been forthcoming. In fact, Noble has continued down exactly the same path as before, and her response to the scandal was to emphasise she is “proud” of her hatred of half the electorate and that the hatred of men is “real cool”:

Sarah Noble - pround of misandry Sarah Noble - misandry real cool

Such tweets are perhaps Noble’s most blatant admission of gender hatred so far, yet she still sits on the LGBT Lib Dem committee. Therefore, the Lib Dems are in a situation whereby a least one of those formulating policies relating to gay and bisexual men openly admits she hates all said men simply becasue of their gender. One wonders if Lib Dems who deal with health issues perhaps openly hate on cancer and HIV patients too?

A further development we’ve been meaning to report concerns Noble’s position as a Twitter block-bot administrator. The block-bot is a list supposedly used to block accounts engaging in practices such as sexism and harassment. It has three separate block levels, depending on the alleged severity of misconduct by the offending Tweeter. The blockbot official website describes these three levels as follows:Block bot definitions
Unfortunately, as with most internet filters and censorship attempts, the block-bot is open to widespread abuse, with even the most reputable academics and journalists finding themselves listed on thin or completely baseless grounds. As noted in a report by Breitbart “many of the people targeted by the Block Bot were political critics and sceptics who disagreed with its creators’ hard-line progressive beliefs.”
Now I’m sure prominent feminist Lib Dems wouldn’t abuse their position in such a campaign to simply silence those who happened to expose their hate speech and hypocrisy but lets take a look at what Sarah has been up to anyway.

Sarah noble - HEqual Twitter blockFor those who might not be able to unravel the above tweet, it means Sarah added the @HEqual_UK Twitter account to the block bot list after we dared to highlight her sexism and hypocrisy, thus meaning we’ve proudly joined the likes of Christina Hoff Sommers, physicist Brian Cox, and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Here’s the specific tweet we were blocked for, though by the of other blocks it could have been for any single mention of Noble’s hate speech.
The thing about HEqual is that we’re really quite a moderate and pretty uncontroversial organisation. It’s always been our stated aim to learn from the very worst feminist behaviour and try to act in entirely the opposite fashion. So while feminists call for the genocide of men, or political neutral individuals make comments about alcohol and rape than can be twisted to become controversial, we just don’t really have time for that, and instead focus on building a reputation for sticking to facts, producing honest research and running effective and successful campaigns. We’re always pretty civil, polite and honest, whether in our articles or when sending tweets or emails, so we can be confident there’s absolutely no justification for our account to be put on any block list for any reason.
Despite all this, Sarah has somehow seen it justifiable to tag HEqual as being guilty of the crime of misogyny, and furthermore she’s even given us the most extreme rank possible on the block-bot list, a level one block. So, according to the block bot definitions we are almost certainly guilty of at least one of the following: “aggressiveness, threats, harassment, dishonesty in an effort to infiltrate social groups, impersonating someone, posting shock images, encouraging self-harm, spouting dehumanizing rhetoric, promoting hate speech”. Remember, all we did was to highlight Sarah’s hate speech at the NUS Women’s Conference, it’s Sarah who openly stated of her desire “to remove men from society”. That could be construed as a possible threat, and it’s actually moves beyond “promoting hate speech” to actually creating said speech, and it’s the most extreme hate-speech possible at that. If anyone should be on the Twitter block-bot list, it’s Sarah Noble herself, who has a long track record of clear hate speech and is now even being investigated by her political party of choice for said speech. I dare said her party should also look into her abuse of the Twitter block-bot too.

Thankfully, use of Twitter block-bots is entirely optional, though the issue we have we the block-bot project is that people are mislead into using it, believe it to be a method of blocking abuse and harassment, when in fact it’s essentially a political tool, and one with extremely abusive and hateful individuals in admin positions. We’re not the only ones subject to ridiculous level-one blocks either, when we first broke the hate-speech story almost anyone joining in with the conversation who criticised Noble was also given such block too, in total at least 36 other accounts were blocked for their opposition to hate-speech.

If you’d like to check he block bot ranking of your account, you can do so using this tool. And if you’d like the block-bot censorship attempt to backfire please follow our Twitter account @HEqual_UK and perhaps some or all the others falsely listed on it too. The following is a list of the Tweets which resulted in users getting level one blocks from Noble for challenging her on her desire to remove men from society:


3 thoughts on ““Kill all men” Lib Dem “proud” of hating men, abuses block-bot position to silence critics

  1. What is it about male to female transgenders that makes them so batshit insane? Is it the fact that they were born male that makes them hate men so much? Was going through the effort of cutting off the twigs and berries so traumatizing? It was a joke is always the standard response when liberals are called out on their retarded bullshit.

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