Ten stories the BBC considers more notable than suicides caused by false rape allegations

At the beginning of this month we exclusively highlighted the BBC’s refusal to report on the Jay Cheshire case, a 17 year old who tragic took his own life as a result of an allegedly false rape accusation. The BBC’s outright refusal to report on the case even when asked to do so resulted in an in depth HEqual investigation into BBC ethnics in which we uncovered the fact that the organisation had never reported on a single suicide resulting from false rape accusations in its history!

Even this week the Cheshire case is still in the headlines, and we’ve noticed reports as far afield as Ghana and Nigeria.

In order to give a more complete picture of the BBC’s disgraceful bias here, we thought it would be interesting to examine some of the “news” it decided to report on its website in preference to the Jay Cheshire tragedy. The list below ignores national BBC stories, and simply looks at article found either on the BBC South section of the website during the week in which most others reported the case and/or prominently featured on its BBC South today news programme. Jay lived in Hampshire so even if the BBC had decided not to give the case national coverage it would still have been founded on the BBC South section of the website at the very least were the BBC a reputable and neutral organisation. All the stories were also tweeted by the BBC South Twitter account.

Here are the reports licence fee payers funded in preference to a 17 year old being driven to suicide by allegedly false rape accusations:

To any fair minded person, none of the above stories is even half as newsworthy as the Jay Cheshire case, a story which was in every newspaper other than the Guardian, often on consecutive days. The spoon statue which it deemed so significant disappeared within a week and the marathon runner they reported on failed to even finish the race. Like much of society, such is the BBC’s contempt for justice and men’s equality issues that it has more concern for abused an escaped animals than it does for boys who are falsely accused of rape and go on to take their lives as a result.

We’ve sent this same list to the BBC and also enquired as to whether there was a policy at the organisation which prohibited the reporting of such cases. They decline to respond to the list, though stated “may I assure you that there is no policy in BBC News around reporting cases of false allegations of rape.”

Seeing as we still can’t find any BBC reports about the Cheshire case (or any similar such case) we’d strongly encourage readers to make an official complaint about this matter.

9 thoughts on “Ten stories the BBC considers more notable than suicides caused by false rape allegations

  1. What might be referred to as ‘ the general left’ which includes the mental illness often known as ‘feminism’, made sure to infiltrate the BBC years ago as part of the ” Long march through the institutions”.
    This particular example revealed by hequal is important and illuminating,
    and I am greatful for their work and application in this matter.
    However, it seems unlikely that anyone should particularly surprised by their findings – the once respected Corporation’s got ‘form’ by the lorry load.

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  3. Almost twenty years ago around the area of Mordon below Wimbledon. There was a tiny article in a local paper, about a very young boy who hanged himself because his sister or step sister (if I remember correctly) accused the boy of sexual misconduct. May have been even rape. He hanged himself. I don’t know how he managed it he was very young. The girl who enjoyed doing this then denied it ever happened. There was mention of the woman around these children I think her mother was some kind of social worker. I had the feeling they were like chickens clucking around in real excitement.
    I ask who taught this girl how to make allegations? These same female adults I bet.
    Smash The Patriarchy!
    I suppose this makes them the real victims in all this according to woman in the BBC.
    All this happened when a gang of upper middle class Feminists totally destroyed my career and health.
    All this after a miserable childhood of neglect blame and hate, again from well off upper and middle class adult woman.
    This is the engine that drives my on the ground activism.

      • I’m not certain about closing the BBC down but it certainly does need to be made a great deal smaller. People rightly express concerns about Murdoch’s market share, yet the BBC’s media dominance is even more of a problem that Murdoch’s. They have 47% share of the UK News market (rising to 50% if you include the Guardian).

  4. Men’s mental health is coming much more into the fore, and rightfully so: 65yo Caucasian males are 6 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population, and suicide is the LEADING cause of death of men in there twenties [in the UK]. This is simply not good enough, we are failing our men. But please note the new NHS Five Year Forward strategy for Mental Health, which places much more emphasis on addressing gender inequalities in access and experience of mental health services. Also, the ‘Men in Sheds’ movement, on a more local level.

    However, I find your reference to false rape allegations a bit uncomfortable. What to do about false rape allegations is a difficult one. The danger of advertising how “common” it is [it is not], I fear will result in victims of either sex or gender reporting the crime. The reporting rate is already extremely low, and the charging rate even less, and the conviction rate next to none. I would argue being the victim of that crime is more damaging than being falsely accused, although I have never been accused of rape so I couldn’t say for sure, and even then it would still be my subjective opinion. But because of the likely greater consequences, the extreme lack of justice for victims, and the fact that the number of non-reported true rapes towers over the number of false accusations, I think that energy should be directed to this issue first. Whilst still acknowledging that false accusations happen, it is vitally important we make our streets safe again first.

    • The second half of your comment is nonsense. The conviction rate for rape is pretty high given the nature of the offence and corresponding lack of evidence and as the Stern report makes clear it’s feminists who pretend the conviction rate is low who are stopping victims coming forward.

      Proven false rape accusations should be reported as widely as possible, many studies show them to be incredibly common. Even if just 10% of rape reports are false accusations then that’s still a large number of victims all of whom deserve justice the same as any rape victim yet its clear the BBC refuses to report on teach and every single one of the most devastating such allegations and is not fit for purpose.

    • Another feminist who believes false claims of abuse are so low as to not matter, sorry they make you feel uncomfortable that must be awful for you like your whole life and future has been destroyed and denied you, making you feel suicide is the only option left you.

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