BBC Bias and the truth about Jess Phillips’ sexism against men (and the so-called “threats”)

At HEqual we’ve followed the story of Jess Phillips’ opposition to International Men’s Day very closely and a number of her most notorious tweets are actually replies to us. For those who dont’ know about this story, Jess Phillips MP laughed at he idea of discussing men’s issues in Parliament and insisted there shoudl be no debates on men’s issues until 50% of women were MPs! As most people know by now, the BBC and much of the rest of the media have been telling countless lies about this story and turning reality on its head. We’ve complained about the blatantly biased BBC coverage on Newsnight, the following article covers the various biases they’re shown and also highlights much more interesting and competently unreported realities about the misconduct of Jess Philips and her sexism against men.

1. The description of the BBC Newsnight programme on iPlayer and elsewhere states “Jess Phillips on Twitter threats”. For one thing there were absolutely no Twitter threats directed at Phillips and she even admits as such in the piece. We’ve seen and screen captured the comments in question as they appeared in their original form. The reality is that the material was posted on the news sub-section of the obscure Voat website. If one reads the actual content, there’s technically not a single threat contained anywhere within the text, only highly abusive and vile sexist comments. Also, the metrial was on a random website, neither of the comments was ever sent to Phillips. Therefore, the entire description of the Newsnight piece is incorrect and the media narrative of Phillips ever being sent anything of this nature is also demonstrably false. Furthermore, the comments were so unpopular on Voat that they were hidden from public view due to their low score and a special “unhide” button had to be clicked in order to access the material.

So in other words even this questionable community had still been decent enough to reject the material despite usually revelling in no holds barred comments. Almost no one would have ever seen the comments  were it not for Phillips going out of her way to promote them on her Twitter account and were she genuinely worried about her children seeing them as she claims then obviously she would have simply reported them to Voat admins rather than use them as an excuse to play damsel in distress to deflect from her misconduct. Most Twitter “abuse” she mentions wasn’t abuse at all but factual description of the fact that she’s sexist against 49% of the people she’s supposed to represent. Calling out misandry and misconduct by blatant sexists is not abuse when it’s factually correct as is the case here.


2. The way the BBC (and other sensationalist media) has twisted this story on its head is extremely concerning. Phillips openly laughed at Philip Davies wanting to discuss men’s issues and the idea that such issues didn’t get discussed. The fact is that Davies is completely correct – for example, unlike in Scotland, there’s never been a debate on violence against men in the history of Parliament despite most victims of violence being men. I’m not aware of debates on male suicide or even issues such as MGM either. Phillips acted childishly and petulantly and pulled the most awful faces during discussion of the most important issues imaginable. She said that men can’t have an equality debate on the plethora of important issues they face until she personally has equality in the Commons and 50% of MPs are female. This is not just selfish but entirely sexist and had a man done the same (or less) and laughed at breast cancer discussions and blocked debate for such petty reasons then the BBC would have certainly accused him of misogyny. The question is why didn’t they use a term such a misandry? Where was the balance where they at least put to her accusations of sexism which are everywhere on the internet? One has to wonder if Newsnight and the BBC have adopted the far-left Bahar Mustafa school of thought where women can’t even be sexist.

3. There are countless inequalities faced by men and boys in the UK, some, such as the inequalities faced by white working class boys even made the headlines on the day of the BBC broadcast. Furthermore, most equalities against men are a direct result of sexist laws and sexist government policy. No such issues were put to Phillips during the discussion yet other times the BBC happily pushes fully debunked myths and lies such as pay discrimination based on gender even when they’re tangential to the discussion. Why were issues such as MGM, unemployment, homelessness, life expectancy, and family breakdown not mentioned?

4. It hardly seemed balanced for the BBC to give Phillips such an easy ride by having no one to debate her or confront her on what she did. How on earth is it fair on Philip Davies to only hear his abusive opponent’s dishonest version of events? At the very least they should have corrected the various lies told by Phillips but this didn’t happen either. Davies has already Tweeted concern about the BBC’s failure to give air to his side of the argument so I have to assume they failed to invite him onto the programme rather than him begin unavailable. Even assume he wasn’t available or declined, plenty of other entirely capable men’s campaigners have covered this issue in depth and would have appeared on the show at the drop of a hat. For example the best article on the issue was by Glenn Poole, when was he last on the BBC? Martin Daubney and politician Mike Buchanan have also covered this issue extensively and at HEqual we’ve been almost as involved as almost anyone too yet I don’t know of any men’s advocate who’s been invited on air to discuss what is actaully a story about sexism against men and International Men’s Day.

The shortest of clips of Phillips laughing at the idea of discussing male suicide and pulling faces  would have shown viewers all thy needed to know about her gender hate and let them make up their own minds rather than being force fed her misrepresentation of events. Furthermore, not only did the BBC fail to show the now famous exchange in question the BBC didn’t even state the facts of the story before introducing Phillips. The Labour MP was therefore given almost complete free reign to lie and give her dishonest version of events and therefore and mislead viewers.

5. We didn’t hear a peep from the BBC about this story until Friday. The real issue at hand is men’s human rights and a sexist Labour MP known for her abusive behaviour continuing said abuse against a man in Parliament and trying to deny men’s issues a voice.  A neutral broadcaster would have reported this story on Thursday in its correct context, that of sexism against men and clear misconduct by a Labour MP – instead, as often happens, the BBC turned reality on its head and helped a sexist play the victim. More importantly, they’ve blown two hidden and heavily downvoted comments by 2 trolls on an obscure website completely out of proportion and even made them more important than blatantly misandrist misconduct by a Parliamentarian. The BBC also allowed Phillips to continue her campaign of abuse against Davies with her comments about him going unchallenged. Worse still, yet again the BBC is rewarding feminist sexism against men with valuable air-time and fame.
Jess Philips hate

6. An examination of Phillips’ Twitter feed well before broadcast shows all sorts of abusive and troll-like behaviour on her part:

Lets break this last point down in particular. It’s clear to everyone that Phillips is the sexist in this case and if we’re going to exaggerate words and overreact to things then I suppose she’s also using “violent” language too. The only person “using” issues is Phillips – clearly using a difference in the ratio of male and female MPs and her selfish feelings to stop debates in Parliament about men’s equality. Most importantly, she seems to have alleged that Davies has incited the hate against her! There’s absolutely no evidence to back up this extremely serious allegation and one has to wonder if such a claim is against the code of conduct for Members of Parliament. Alternatively, perhaps Phillips is so extreme that she honestly regards talking about men’s issues as “inciting hate” I’d guess she owes Mr Davies an apology in the house at the very least for this smear. Finally it’s worth noting that Phillips labels all sorts of opponents “fools” yet can’t even spell words correctly in the very same tweet, not knowing the difference between “insight” and “incite”! Further tweets to opponents contain blunders most have ironed out at primary school, such as the difference between “there and their”. One would have to assume the BBC wanted to avoid putting Phillips in a debate due to the fact she’d clearly lose against even a sub-par opponent.

Jess Phillips insight hate

7. In a survey with thousands of participants 97% sided with Davies and 3% with Phillips. Various other websites with diverse readership from across the political spectrum were equally unanimous in their condemnation of her sexism. Therefore her outdated views are clearly only shared by a tiny minority in the BBC/feminist/Twitter/Labour bubble. The coverage completely failed to reflect just how out of touch and unpopular Phillips’ sexist conduct really is with the general public. Appropriate questions should surely have questioned whether Phillips was fit to be an MP, particularly as she’s a repeat offender when it comes to behaving so unprofessionally. I dare say viewers would have benefited from being informed that Phillips herself gained her position due to sexism rather than being actually selected on merit. This is of significance becasue contrary to her claims, she personally is actually “MORE” equal than others in Parliament, with most other MPs such as Davies having to prove themselves to be the best candidate for the job rather than only be better than 20% of those who apply.

8. Emily Maitlis interviewed Phillips and she too openly admits to adhering to being of of the minority of women to subscribe to the feminist belief system. Her Twitter feed shows even more bias than the broadcast. She describes the piece as
“@jessphillips joins us to tell us what happened when she disagreed with an idea for ‘International Men’s Day’.” This is completely false, Phillips disagreed with debating men’s issues until 50% of MPs were women. it wasn’t the day she disagreed with, she actually silenced discussion of the male suicide epidemic. Maitlis’ feed also states she’s not aware of any “legit critical Tweets” about Phillips despite almost 100% of Thursday’s Tweets on the subject and many of the most popular ones being of said nature. Later Tweets by Maitlis or retweets are all 100% sympathetic and biased towards Phillips’ false narrative in question, again showing extreme bias and a total failure to accept or even explore the facts. This all shows major failings in conducting the most basic research on this story, furthermore it shows yet another BBC presenter trapped in a twitter bubble only ever reading one side of the story (and the untrue side at that). Maitlis’ feminist biases are clearly so extreme that she could not conduct the interview in an impartial manner. It would have been far better to have a genuinely neutral figure present the piece instead of someone obviously sympathetic to the sexist agenda of the interviewee.

9. I’d be interested to know what coverage the BBC and Newsnight will be giving to actual International Men’s day events this year on the 19th. The plus side of this story is that the event is clearly even more newsworthy now. So, will they be covering the MGM protests outside Parliament for example or will they be adopting the Jess Phillips school of thought and trying best to not allow men’s issues to be covered? The BBC has a long history of bias on gender issues and while things showed signs of improvement at one stage everything went pear-shaped as soon as the election campaign began and pretty much ever since. For example there’s endless free adverts, unwarranted appearances and supportive interviews of Women’s Equality Party politicians. This is compounded by extreme bias against men’s political parties which even included blatant and 100% deliberate sabotage of the Justice for Men and Boys campaign in the run up to the last election. The BBC still hasn’t even said a single word about the Jay Cheshire case, in fact it has never covered a single case of a false rape accusation causing a suicide in its entire history.

Phillips is to receive yet another free BBC advert today (Sunday) on the Andrew Marr show and is already boasting about it on Twitter. There’s plenty of vile comments out there wishing cancer upon Phillip Davies amongst other things, yet as with most other men and non-feminist women he just get on with his job and even retweets the more witty abuse he receives. We wish him the very best of luck with his campaign to debate men’s issues in parliament and send our thanks to all those MPs who supported his request. If you haven’t’ done so already please write to your MP urging them to support the debate.

Oh and seeing as Jess Phillips thinks it’s international men’s Day every day than a very Happy International Men’s day to all our readers today and every day from now onwards (Of course in reality it’s actually on the 19th Novemeber, which was actually the date HEqual was founded!).

8 thoughts on “BBC Bias and the truth about Jess Phillips’ sexism against men (and the so-called “threats”)

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  2. This is why i no longer pay a license fee, i am not going to spend my money on a propaganda machine.
    I will also not be voting for Labour again, i have emailed The Labour Party to tell them i will not be voting for them as i do not support a party which is only prepared to tackle issues affecting one half of the population, elected officials are elected to represent ALL the population not just the demographic that particular MP fits into.
    I shall also be sure to explain this when they come door knocking at the next election.
    Phillips released a new video the other claiming the press made it up about her laughing at the idea of discussing men’s issues on National Men’s Day.
    The bold faced lies are astounding, she’s on video laughing at the proposal and it was broadcast live.

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