What is HEqual?

HEqual represents a new brand of equality activism. We’re politically neutral, egalitarian, independent and above all else determined to get results. While gender feminist activism concerns itself with making men sitting down to go to the toilet, critiques their seating posture on public transport and seeks to remove Winston Churchill from banknotes, we’ll be tackling the other minor equality issues that appear to have slipped their minds.

Why now?

It’s clear that egalitarians are winning the arguments when it comes to gender issues. Whether it be harmful unmerocratic quotas, child genital mutilation, female sentencing discount or sexist domestic violence service provision, we are winning the arguments hands down. Just read the most popular comments for news articles on such issues, views that were quite novel and subject to silencing in the past are now widely accepted amongst the public, if not by the ruling elite.

What are your objectives?

The prime concern of HEqual is to get results and to see real change towards equality. There are plenty of groups out there still winning the arguments which is vitally important work. However, these discussions are not enough, we need to see real change come about as a result of winning these arguments. We aim to bring about that change week after week, small step by small step.

What’s going to happen?

HEqual will be challenging sexism and getting results. Our prime concern is misandry and discrimination by the state or supported by the state, such as by groups in receipt of government funding. After-all the worst kind of sexism is the type you are forced to fund yourself. Using that same logic, then large corporations are also fair game too.

What is your geographic focus?

HEquals is UK based so we’ll focus primarily on the UK. That said, we recognise the global nature of the gender debate, and so we’d happily take on any international and overseas issues if there is a significant link to the UK.

How can you be so confident of success?

1. Our strategy is to only take on issues where there are grey areas or room for manoeuvre. We won’t be seeking anything that any rational person can disagree with and won’t be dealing with issues with any real level of uncertainty.

2. We’re experienced in activism and already have achieved a number of successes.

3. As well as choosing targets carefully, we’re also very persistent, so we might not win today or tomorrow, but we won’t be giving up.

4. Above all else, there’s so much outrageous and blatant sexism, hypocrisy and deceit out there. This, combined with the increased awareness of men’s issues makes the position of our opponents now completely untenable.

Can I get involved?

Certainly. We want more men’s human rights activists to report their successes. So, if you’re inspired by what we’re doing and are doing the same then be sure to send us your story (ideally along with documentary evidence of your sucess).

How do I contact HEqual?

Send us an email to: johnkimble01ATgmail.com

you can also tweet us: @HEqual_UK

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