BBC libels Mike Buchanan as “anti-women” and supports criminal attacks by campus cry bullies

UK readers may by now have had the misfortune of viewing some  of BBC Three’s weekly feminist propaganda pieces, it’s hard to miss them as they’re endlessly repeated, often meaning there’s one such broadcast shown almost every day. We previously analysed “The rise of Female violence“, a hugely disappointing programme but still one of the better gender issues related broadcasts.

BBC Three’s latest attempt at “discussing” gender issues took the form of a programme by Tyger Drew-Honey, titled “Am I sexist”, a clip from which you can watch below. The programme really is astonishingly biased, even by BBC standards with a total disregard for basic ethics throughout let alone the strict impartiality rules of the BBC Charter.

The broadcast supposedly has the premise of examining whether we are becoming”more sexist than ever before”. Throughout the vast majority of the broadcast sexism is framed in true feminist SJW style as something that basically only happens to women, despite the fact that the only sexism enshrined in UK law is that against men and boys.

Almost immediately we get to hear the presenter laud Emma Watson’s “impassioned” sexist support for the downright nasty UN “He for She” campaign, the objective of which is to tackle sexism (something which impacts men and women) by demanding men do more for women’s rights! Drew-Honey then asks, is our attitude towards women really getting worse?” So, barely a minute in, and the broadcast has already morphed from looking at “sexism” to looking at attitudes towards women. I think you can guess what the tone and content of much of the rest of the broadcast so I won’t bore you with the details.

45 minutes in and we finally get a token BBC attempt at balance, by examining sexism against men, though so thoroughly unethical is this part of the programme that they’d have been better off leaving it out and it actually makes the bias far, far worse.

When I say the programme examines at “sexism against men,” well it doesn’t really even manage that becasue any statements or comments about sexism against men by the presenter are cleverly prefaced with terms such as “claims”, “argues” and “believes”. There’s nothing wrong with this in isolation, but it’s a total contrast to almost every statement made about sexism against women. The BBC is therefore very strongly pushing the narrative that sexism against women is terrible and at epidemic proportions, whereas sexism against men doesn’t really exist (and if it does then it certainly isn’t an issue).

In this segment the BBC presenter interviews members of Justice for Men and Boys while they’re out campaigning in Nottingham, including party leader Mike Buchanan. It’s noteworthy how the presenter earlier lauded the feminist activists yet fails to offer any similar appropriate positive descriptors for Buchanan’s work despite many considering it to be ground-breaking. The subtle sexist biases don’t stop there either. For example, I recently noticed the distinct background music played exclusively on the J4MB segment of the programme, it’s titled “Rhinestone Eyes” and is a quite depressing track played in a minor key and even contains repeated falling sliding scales. Above all else it gives a thoroughly negative vibe and this is clearly no accident. This track is in marked contrast to other music used, for example the upbeat song “Heart Skipped a beat” is used almost immediately once J4MB are off our screens when feminists activists are at work.

The above biases are possible breaches of BBC guidelines in themselves, but really they’re just setting the stage for the BBC’s party piece. J4MB spent many hours campaigning successfully in Nottingham and the BBC filmed many hours of such footage yet it was edited down to show either neutral or totally negative reactions from the public. Much of the footage chosen was from the very end of the day, by which time feminist SJW activists had got word of J4MB’s presence and used social media to coordinate an attack.

We first shown a man swearing at Buchanan and attempting to intimidate him and some later vandalism of the party’s van. it’s firstly notable how abuse directed at Buchanan is describe by the BBC “objecting” a stark contrast to the way the programme  frames similar alleged treatment of feminists. The BBC presenter then states those abusing Buchanan opponents are “making it quite clear they are not welcome here”. This is a key phrase in the broadcast – the BBC are siding with the opponents of J4MB and presenting the opinion of a fringe mob as if it is 100% factual. Drew-Honey deliberately prefaced all J4MB ideas with terms such as “believes”, “argues’ yet these go out the window for feminists, even for an abusive and violent anti-democratic SJW mob who’s opposition to men’s human rights then becomes a fact for the entire University of Nottingham campus all thanks to BBC bias.

Unbelievably, this isn’t the end of the BBC bias. They present the vandalism of J4MB van as if it is amusing and when introducing it state “one protester feels so strongly about Mike’s anti-women views”. This statement in itself is straight out libel. Not a shred of evidence of any supposed “anti-women” views is presenter anywhere in the broadcast nor is any such content to be found anywhere in the J4MB manifesto. The whole purpose to J4MB is to extend the various rights enjoyed by women to the rest of the population and thus the party is essentially 100% egalitarian. I’ve seen presenters put it took Mike that he might be anti-women as a shaming question in interviews and that was bad enough, yet here the smear is stated by the BBC as if it’s an undeniable fact and he’s got no chance to correct them. Drew-Honey finishes the segment with the statement “Mike’s extreme views see warped”, yet another false smear and rather ironic given the next segment of the programme shows a gender segregated feminist Reclaim the Night march, something which in itself is of course a far more extreme concept. Interestingly, the founders of this movement included none other than Andrea Dworkin, who’s about as extreme as it gets! of course the present loves every moment of the march, finishes the programme by siding totally with feminists and agrees that it’s “not about man bashing” – a statement that’s the polar opposite of the smear of J4MB and thus further compounds it. Needless to say he doesn’t even think of questioning the gender segregation that’s right in front of his eyes.

In conclusion, this programme is about as bad as any media bias gets, never-mind media with a supposed obligation to be impartial. It’s almost total feminist propaganda from the first second to the last, and the incredible and incessant attacks on J4MB and the rights of men and boys are simply astonishing. It’s notable that the statement about Buchanan’s “anti-women views” isn’t simply a sexist lie that’s stated as fact. This lie is then used by the BBC to justify and excuse criminal acts and it’s a blatant case of the BBC giving total support to campus cry bullies.

Of course this isn’t the first licence fee funded attack on J4MB. Previously BBC radio Nottingham deliberately sabotaged a radio appearance by Buchanan by banning males from the audience of his election hustings and they even rigged the content of the event too by making most questions about women’s issues. Ultimately though, these BBC scandals are about far more than one political party, each represents a blatant attack on all men and boys by the BBC, an outrageous disregard for basic ethics and proof of total alignment with the even the nastiest elements of the feminist movement.

It’s not to late to complain about the broadcast, please do so here.

The full broadcast can be seen here (UK viewers only)

5 thoughts on “BBC libels Mike Buchanan as “anti-women” and supports criminal attacks by campus cry bullies

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  2. Feminism has achieved with the word “sexism” what Trotsky achieved with the word “racism.” The very word “sexism” now means to almost all people: “sexism against women.”

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