Guardian newspaper finally reports news of Ranger rape acquittal (2 days after everyone else)

One Tuesday 4th March, much the the UK media contained reports about the acquittal of Nile Ranger, who had been cleared by a jury on a charge of rape in less than an hour. Regrettably, most outlets gave far less space and prominence to the acquittal than their smears of this innocent man, though they did at least report the facts.

One exception to the above was the Guardian newspaper, who for some strange reason decided that Ranger’s acquittal wasn’t even worth mentioning, even in passing. This same paper had actually covered the allegations against Mr Ranger on no less than five separate occasions, running articles with headlines using terms such as “sex pest” and “predator” to describe Ranger (albeit in quotes). They reported on his arrest, on him being charged with another article mention that Ranger was on bail. Not one, but two articles were dedicated to the trial itself, with the various allegations against him repeated, but not a trace of the “not guilty” verdict was communicated to Guardian readers anywhere on their website nor in print.

We decided to contact a number of Guardian staff to enquire about their failure to actually report the truth about this case, but we received no response from anyone. Therefore, after more than a day of silence from the paper, we decided on a mini-campign to ensure their blatant misandry was challenged for once. As a result of our posting to the excellent Reddit Men’s Rights community, numerous men’s human rights activists made their thoughts known to the paper about their disgraceful “journalism”. Although we haven’t seen any response or apology yet, the good news is that a Press Association article clearing Ranger’s name finally appeared today, some 46 hours after it was actually “news”.

It’s incredibly hypocritical for the Guardian to complain about the supposed lack of standard of other newspapers when they themselves refuse to report the facts in rape cases that don’t fit the “all men are rapists” agenda of a number of their staff. The Guardian is far less keen to touch the problem of false rape allegations than other newspapers, and it would appear that such an agenda may have caused the paper to have conducted themselves in a manner far worse than any tabloid. Guardian readers would undoubtedly still be left in the dark about Ranger’s acquittal were it not for so many people taking a stand, whereas if the verdict had gone the other way, then they’d be on their fourth article by now.

Our thanks to everyone who helped achieve this success.

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