“Kill all men”, “F**k men”, “Die cis scum” says Lib Dem executive committe member

We pleased to see that our article on sexism at the 2015 NUS Women’s conference appear to have really struck a chord. It’s already received over ten thousand unique visits in just a few days and seeing as there’s so much interest we decided to write a follow up and examine some of the latest developments in the story.

The scandal began with a Tweet by Sarah Noble, who openly boasted of her proposal at the conference expressing the “need to remove men from society”. Such a hateful statement seemingly calling for the genocide of men isn’t too out of the ordinary in more extremist feminist circles. However, we discovered that Sarah sits on no less than three Liberal Democrat executive committees and also a a fourth position on the policy committee of Liberal Youth, and thus gets to influence policy for a major UK political party. In addition to its hateful content, the timing of the tweet is also unfortunate with the story mushrooming just as the Lib Dems launch their 2015 General Election campaign. Interestingly, Sarah also holds a senior position in administering a feminist block bot on Twitter that blocks and smears the likes of Richard Dawkins and Brian Cox amongst countless others, and we’ll have more on that subject that in our next article.

Unlike an equally vile article by the Independent which was also published recently, Sarah decided to leave her hateful Tweet in place we thought we’d take a closer look to see if it was just a one-off, or part of a pattern of hatred of men. Here’s what we found:

sarahs-hate-spech-2 crop

So men need removing from society and putting in the bin (though they’ll just crawl out like animals anyway).

Sarah Noble - men are entiteld pigsEntitled pigs who abuse and objectify women? I guess that explains why we “need” to remove them from society. Still, in all fairness to Sarah, she’s never explained exactly how such a removal would take place and she hasn’t actually advocated for actual violence of any sort…

Sarah Noble - kill all men imho

Ok, so she’s advocated violence against men once…

Sarah Noble - baa baa

Well OK it was actually all men, and she’s done it twice now the link has various nursery rhymes on the same hateful, threatening and violent theme. Some make reference to murdering old men, cutting of men’s genitalia, dancing on dead mens’ graves and other similar hate crimes. Anyhow, onto the next tweet:

Sarah Noble - killallmen

That’s three “kill all men” tweets for anyone who’s counting. Remember, this isn’t a random Twitter feminist we’re looking at here, she really is an influential Liberal Democrat politician who sits on three executive committees and a further policy committee too.

Sarah Noble - Kill all men who do thatI think we’ve established the preferred method of removing men from society now, yes it’s genocide as most people suspected.

We could go on publishing screenshots of Sarah’s hate tweets but frankly we’re running out of space. Here’s a few links for anyone not satisfied with all the material above:

“got shot down last year because of “what about the mens?” Fuck men.”

“my critique starts with “die” and ends with “scum”. And has “cis” in the middle.”

Responses to our previous article attempted to argue Sarah’s hateful comments were either a one-off or simply a hilarious joke, and it was suggested that we simply need to lighten up. Clearly we’ve completely debunked this first theory, and the second is of course a standard defence when hateful bigots are exposed, though even assuming this is an attempt at comedy, then so what? The Tweets are being sent out publicly to thousand of people, and the hateful views were even allegedly expressed at an NUS conference. Bernard’s Manning’s racist comedy routines are “just jokes”, yet he wouldn’t be allowed to sit on the Lib Dem Executive committees after telling them, so why should this be any different? Politicians in other parties get the sack after just one disgusting joke (and none involve murder or genocide either).

More significantly, there’s a vocal minority within the feminist movement who quite clearly hate men. They use violence and intimidation at talks on male suicide, education and other men’s issues and attempt to silence discussion and genuinely put lives in danger by illegally pulling fire alarms time after time. Multiple prominent feminist academics and writers have seriously advocated for the genocide of men and therefore it is particularly inappropriate for anyone identifying as a feminist to make comments such as these. Furthermore, the fact that this pattern of hate has been repeated again and again, year after year, indicates that Sarah does indeed have a genuine problem with 49% of the electorate and she’s not the only one in the party with such a problem. Ultimately, extremism of this sort surely has no place in the Liberal Democrats.

We’ll still awaiting a full response from the Lib Dems about the story, though they are at least looking into it now. Obviously we’ll forward them these latest developments and publish their response as soon as we receive it.

update, a lot of readers are looking to contact the Liberall Democrats to make their views know about this matter. It seem the party prefers people to contact the local Lib Dem branch of the person who the complaint is about, thus in Sarah’s case this is the Yorkshire and Humberside Liberal Democrats. You can email them at info@yorkshirehumberlibdems.org.uk

Further relevant contacts for the other executive committees on which Sarah sits include:

LGBT Lib Dems: info@plusld.org.uk

Humanist & Secularist Lib Dems: info@hsld.org.uk

You can also read the Liberal Democrat party code of conduct here:

50 thoughts on ““Kill all men”, “F**k men”, “Die cis scum” says Lib Dem executive committe member

  1. this is why “ignoring” these hateful feminists, is a bad strategy. some of them are politically influential. they need to be exposed & challenged.

  2. ‘die cis scum’ covers 95+% of the population, both men and women, adults and children. Basically anyone who is not trans.

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    • Some of you are, please don’t deny that and speak out against them, because when others do they will be just labled as transphobic.

      • I do speak out against them, but a lot of the people who use “cis” as a slur are not actually trans… they just malevolent TERF imposters. However if you do see a trans person hating on cis people just for them being not being transgender… let me know.. and I’ll go tell them what I think of their hypocrisy and the damage they do to our cause. :^/

    • The “Trans” community are quite adept at insuring they are given the name/term they chose to be defined as. I do not recall being involved in any conversation where I was asked if it was ok to redefine me. Who was asked about that ? was any consideration given to the fact people, both male and female actually like being called male or female and find it insulting and condescending that a group of people who did not seek the opinion of myself or any of my representatives decided to “re brand” me. This is a clear case of a group of people demanding the right to define themselves while removing that right from other people. I am quite happy to define any other person by there preferred definition, but this “CIS” thing is insulting and condensing.

      • The term cis just means “not transgender” it is a term borrowed from molecular chemistry and should not be misconstrued as a slur.
        You mention a “trans” community, but in reality we are all just individuals. It’s like pretending there would be a “cis community”, but in reality we are just people who are each to varying degrees comfortable or uncomfortable identifying as the gender that goes with our biological sex. In reality of course most people will have traits to varying degrees that are can be more typical of the other sex and some people prefer to identify as “gender queer” although I personally don’t like that word.
        It is society in general that demands we identify as either “boy” or “girl” and thereby it creates the dichotomy of either cis gender or trans gender, depending on whether your gender identity corresponds to said biological sex. It’s entirely your choice if you want to use those labels either for your self or for others. Ultimately we just need some words that we roughly agree what they mean… OK?! o_O

      • Not “ok” at all. Firstly “Comfortable in skin” has nothing to do with molecular chemistry and no molecule would be described as comfortable. However you miss the point, it is the people who speak for the trans community that redefined me, took away my personal identify as male and nobody came out and asked the non trans community if we were comfortable with that label. Some words we can roughly agree on, never going to happen when that conversation is kept in your echo chamber within LGBTV and we are not involved or consulted. We do not agree with Comfortable in skin, the reason there are so few complaints is most people do not know the term is being used to describe them and I have yet to meet any straight person with a positive thought about that term. No, not ok

      • You mention an LGBTV “echo chamber” but in doing so you are sweeping trans people into a collection that… well let’s face it… the average person just considers as “sexual deviants”. However there is no such thing as an LGBTV community. Now I think the very fact that female gay people are elevated into poll position with a special letter for them.. should be a clue: That is part of the cult of feminism!

        Sure a lot of trans people and gay people have been seduced and brainwashed into their gynocentric victimhood rhetoric, but transgender is NOT a sexual orientation. We can be gay OR straight, and you should not confuse us with cis gender heterosexual males who get sexually aroused by cross dressing a.k.a “transvestites”.

        Granted I notice a lot of hate directed at straight white cis men… and obviously that is racism, sexism and discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation all wraped into one… but IMHO it is not trangender people who are disrespecting you for being cis gender and it reflects badly on us damaging our chances of ever gaining general acceptance when it is used that way. IMHO the fault lies with feminism and I am proud to be #TransWomenAgainstFeminism Being a feminist is not a prerequisite for being recognized as a woman.. being anti-feminist does not make me a misogynist and neither does it make me an MRA, I will stand up for the rights of men and boys as well as those of women and girls… and of everyone who maybe somewhere in between… I am a human rights activist. :o)

      • I will use small words, please listen. The term Comfortable in skin is offensive, the people who use it are offensive. The people who created it did not ask the people they were classing as comfortable in skin. MY GENDER IS MALE, learn to respect others, please

      • Your gender identity doesn’t say whether you are a trans man or a “bot-trans” man does it.. and I laready explained that cis a proper Latin word… meaning “on the same side” (your sex and your gender) whoever called it “Comfortable in skin” is just trolling you … mmmk? o_O

      • the world (well the world that knows the term) say it means Comfortable In Skin, and the fact that most non trans people that know about the label given to them by another group do not like it should be enough. As I stated before, the Trans and LGBTVQA community are very clear on terms used to describe them, why would they think the rest of the population can be given a label without discussing it ?

      • Wikpedia ? the thing anyone can write ? please. The thing is, you seem to be having a problem believing me, I do not like being labeled CIS, no straight person I have spoken to likes the label CIS, its simple, we don’t like it, stop using it. We use the terms you like, what is the problem with calling me male ?

      • WTF, you not-trans people call us all sorts things we don’t like. Some of us don’t like being called “tranny”, so how would you like to be called a cissy? ANyways being “straight”, has no connexion with being not-trans. Trans people too, can be straight because gender identity is not a sexual orientation.
        Maybe you prefer to be called a “not- gay” person? You are beginning to sound like an SJW yourself now.

      • its not Trans VS non trans. We are all people. Feel free to use the term “Trans male” or put whatever words around your own group, and we will endeavour to keep up with the currant wording. However that would require those people using our preferred identity, which is “male” no prefix is required or wanted. Forcing a term upon a group of people is condescending in the extreme

      • explain why the trans community get to gender label the whole of society. Insults are the tool of people with no valid point, if I was trans that would be a “trigger”

      • I already told you the origin of the word “cis”. It is neither a product of “the trans community” nor is it a gender… and also not an “insult” o_O

  5. They all hate men until they need a tire changed or the toilet plunged. Then it’s “men have their place”.

  6. Absolutely despicable, so this is okay but legit criticism of feminism and social justice is harassment they want to illegalize? Just replace “men” in any radfem sentence with “jews” or “blacks” to see the striking similarities to nazi germany or the KKK.

  7. I sent an email to the Yorkshire LibDem office last week asking their view of these tweets. No response yet. Does anyone know the national libdem email? We really should pile on the pressure as this is a black and white case they can’t wriggle out of. Letting this bigot get away with it will only encourage everyone of her ilk.

  8. I posted this to the Jo Swinson page on Facebook.

    I got a reply:

    Jo Swinson: Such comments are competely unacceptable and in no way representative of the views of Liberal Democrats. We have taken action and asked the person in question to remove the posts and apologise.

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  10. And how many men were actually killed by feminists until now as opposed to women abused&killed worldwide? If you can’t roll with the over-the-top presentation, maybe you shouldn’t watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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  12. That isn’t a woman. That’s a man, baby!

    NB the exchange between “Sarah” and “Sabine” above. Two trannies complaining about men. Priceless.

  13. Re; SARAH NOBLE – “Kill Men”, “F**k Men” .. and more
    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 8:43 AM
    Received from; Head of Frontline Support, LibDems – Elaine Bagshaw
    Thank you for contacting us. We are dealing with this matter using our internal procedures. Your comments have been passed to Nick and other relevant parties.
    Best wishes, ref:_00Db0bS8_500b0HsAIz:ref

    To which I have replied to; help@libdems.org.uk
    Dear Elaine,
    Thank you for your prompt response. Has Sarah Noble been suspended from ALL LibDem Committees? If not, why not?
    Please let me know who will be able to confirm this if you are unable to confirm it yourself.
    I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible on this most important matter.

    What would have happened to a man who put forward female genital mutilation and female extermination as a LibDem policy for addressing the ills of society? Suspended? Asked to apologise? .. Its ONLY because it has been revealed to the public that the LibDems must, very reluctantly and half heartedly, try to contain the damage. This is rotten to the core. Isn’t expulsion and WHOLE HEARTED and IMMEDIATE condemnation from the highest levels of the party THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ANSWER?

    Perhaps follow up with emails to nickclegg@sheffieldhallam.org.uk and help@libdems.org.uk or maybe “please contact our office on 0207 022 0988.”

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