Left-wing BBC feminist lies to get interview, abuses Conservatives, calls Philip Davies a dickhead & then assaults his assistant

Yesterday there was a debate in Parliament on the concept of “misogyny as a hate crime”. The astonishingly sexist idea of only caring about sexism against one gender is terribly ironic in the context of a debate about supposedly tackling sexism, but the event wasn’t actually the worst example of misandry seen in Parliament this week. Instead that title goes to BBC “comedian” Luisa Omielan.

Omielan has been attempting to interview Conservative MPs for her BBC Three series “Politics for Bitches”. BBC Three in particular has a very long history of misandry as highlighted repeatedly by HEqual and has thankfully been partially shut down such that it is now broadcast online only.  Omielan has acted despicably and in breach of countless BBC guidelines and Davies ended an interview with her after realising her agenda and calling her out on it. Davies said he would report her to the BBC Director General due to her extreme bias and general misconduct, and in response Omielan has been trying to save face by playing the victim and lying about what occurred during and after the interview. The Guido Fawkes blog has a decent outline of what occurred, but we will examine the evidence that has come to light thus far in more detail, highlighting all her lies and hypocrisy and putting it into context.

1. Lying about applying for a job to set-up interviews

The superb Guido Fawkes blog reports that Omielan had attempted to set up interviews with Conservative MP Ben Bradley by pretending to be interested in working for him, then attempting to bring a camera crew to her job “interview”. This is clearly not only a waste of Bradley’s time when  he’s busy trying to recruit quality staff, it’s also incredibly dishonest seeing as Omielan obviously doesn’t want the job. Thus she lied about her intentions in an attempt to get footage for her show.

2. & 3. Lying about political views and knowledge to get footage

Guido Fawkes notes “Omielan told the Tory MPs she approached that she was not political and didn’t know anything about politics”.

The above lies were first exposed by Paula Wright, of “Ladies for Philip Davies”. She found a number of pro-Corbyn tweets by Omielan often total endorsements of him (and also Bernie Saunders). The extent of the fraudulent behaviour by Omielan later came to light when she was exposed for having joined the Labour party back in 2016. To make matters worse, she stated she had been inspired to do so by the misandrist radical feminist MP Angela Eagle, i.e. the type of person completely opposed to Davies’ push for real gender equality (and equality overall).

The above lies are of particular significance because Omielan had tweeted her outrage at Davies calling her a “left-wing extremist Corbynista”. yet this accusation is now established as 100% factual merely tanks to evidence obtained from Omielan’s own Twitter feed!

4. Lying again about her politics when challenged by Davies

In her video taken after the event, Omielan notes Davies challenged her over her “leftist, Corbynist agenda”, a fact she notes she again denied (even though it was now blatantly obvious).

5 .& 6. Lying about being shoved and assaulting Davies’ staff

Following the aborted “interview”, Omielan claimed to have been “shoved” by Davies and intimidated by him, with him coming into her personal space yet the The Guido Fawkes blog reports witness present stating that no shoving by Davies occurred. Furthermore, Omielan herself had in fact assaulted Davies’ female assistant by hitting her with a camera, an incident she lied about by describing it as having “pushed past“. However, in her video the “comedian” debunked her own lie about it merely being “pushing” and apologised for what she did. Furthermore, in assaulting Davies’ assistant she was of course guilty of rather more than invading said individual’s personal space herself.

7. Lying to Davies about her neutrality

Davies states he had initially turned down the interview because he feared Omielan was  a “hard left-wing Corbynista”, but she claimed it would be neutral becasue it was for the BBC. This is a different lie to point number two, becasue even a hard-left interviewer such as Omielan can attempt to put her biases aside, actually ask intelligent questions and want to do their job properly. However, this clearly did not happen and right from her very first question the interview was as biased as one could possibly get and thus in breach of the BBC Charter. Davies notes

“She said ‘you are from Yorkshire, people from Yorkshire are really friendly and community-spirited, how can anyone from Yorkshire be a Tory MP when you don’t believe any of that stuff’.

As Davies states, this is an incredibly offensive question and it’s quite amazing in its bias too. She’s insulting and smearing not just Davies and his party, but everyone who voted Conservative too – i.e. over 42% of voters!

8. Lying about “name-calling” and abuse

Omielan accused Davies of “name-calling” and repeatedly attacks his behaviour as being inappropriate for an MP. Again, this is the exact opposite of reality, and his “name-calling” turned out to be merely stating facts. What we really have here is yet again another case of projection. In reality the only abuse came from Omielan herself, who not only swore at Davies, but aimed sexist abuse at him by calling him a “dickhead”. Even ignoring all the misconduct above this alone should be grounds for her to be sacked from the BBC and have her show cancelled.

9. Lying about pretending to be traumatised

In her video published outside Parliament Omielan really uses her acting skills to attempt to play the victim. She claims she is “shaking” and had “the worst interview ever”, repeating her lies about being naive to politics saying “she doesn’t’ know anything about it”. However, while she might be traumatised by Davies calling out her misconduct and lies and possibly losing her BBC job, the fact is that someone who claims to have been intimidated doesn’t typically shout “dickhead” at the person they’re scared of, nor do the tell them to “fuck off” as they assault said person’s assistant.

The above perhaps isn’t concrete proof of Omielan lying, however, we’ve uncovered an intersting  video from 2015 of an interview between Richard herring and Omielan. Herring is infamous for his contempt for International Men’s Day and the interview itself actually took place on International Men’s Day in 2015. Herring asks Omielan if she has ever stolen anything, her response was as follows:

“When I was younger I used to steal mascara and then  I got caught and I started crying and blamed it on the fact that my granny died 3 years ago”.

It’s of note that in the most recent saga, Omielan has been using as the death of her mother as a way of attacking the government’s running of the NHS and as a method of getting at Davies too, acting as if her anecdotes Trump any statistics or facts about NHS funding. So, here she’s been caught out misbehaving yet again and she’s using the same tricks she used when she was caught stealing, even including turning on the waterworks!



As readers would expect from HEqual, we’ve done more digging into Omielan’s background Twitter posts too and the results don’t disappoint.

Firstly, we’ve discovered that Omielan describes herself as a feminist, thus subscribing to an ideology Davies has rightly taken to task for its sexism and hypocrisy (doing so again  just last week in Parliament)

As with any good feminist, we’ve uncovered plenty of misandrist content on her Twitter feed. Within just the last seven months she’s attacked “fragile men” as the “direct cause of so much conflict.” Not happy with such misandry, she then praised women as the apparent solution stating”  “It’s gonna have to be women that heal the world.

Luisa Fragile Men

Omielan also used Trump as an opportunity to attack all men, claiming :” we should just have a ‘ban all men’ mantra if you’re gonna go by Trumps logic. Rape, war, etc Oh what’s that? Not all men? Ok babe

Luisa Trump

Most recently there’s the most hypocritical tweet by this “comedian” posted on Tuesday in which Omielan writes: “This is why politics is out of touch & people ignore it. It’s toxic to get involved with. Name calling & bullying. Everything we are supposed to teach our kids not to do.

Again this is 100% projection. All Omelian’s actions were utterly toxic, both in terms of her lies to get the interview, her abuse during an afterwards and finally, classic damselling when exposed. I dare say some might call this “toxic femininity”. She is the bully, she is the one engaging in abuse and name calling, she is the spoilt child and ultimately she is the one putting people off politics with her lies and deceit.

So, we have no less than nine separate lies by the BBC representative in this fiasco, and now also proof of her misandry, yet opposing politicians, other comedians and left-wing Twitter mobs and journalist are taking the side of the aggressor, all thanks to her lies and damselling.

Ultimately, all the above abuse, harassment and smearing of Davies has again caused him immense hassle, stress and hardship. And while the blame lies with Omielan, it’s again ultimately thanks to the BBC choosing to employ someone so ashonishingly biased and unethical that this has occurred. More importantly, it’s part of a pattern of attacks by the broadcaster on Davies we have documented on this blog previously . The organisation has been forced to retracted lies about Davies on no less than three separate occasions, and on one such occasion they were accompanied by similar abuse to that used by Omielan in Parliament. Furthermore, the organisation blatantly sided with Jess Phillips in her infamous misandrist International Men’s Day dispute with Davies. Thus the lack of ethics in this incidident must not only be considered in isolation but in the context of part of a pattern of licence fee funded attack on one individual.

Feminists have suggested Omielan contact the police because of Davies’ supposed actions, yet unsurprisingly she doesn’t seem very keen on doing so and perhaps not simply becasue she was the one assaulting his staff. We’d suggest that the misandrist content on Omielan’s Twitter feed combined with her sexist abuse of Davies means that her conduct actually constitutes the exact same type of sexist hate crime MPs were discussing just yesterday. If MPs are serious about tacking sexist abuse and harassment, why not start with what’s going on under their very noses and tackle sexist abuse in Parliament funded directly by the BBC licence fee in breach of almost every aspect of its Charter?

We’ll  leave the last word to Guido Fawkes:

Have to wonder what the BBC are doing sending a Corbynista into parliament to fib to Tory MPs about her political views, swear at them and hit their staff…. “


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